Student Application Template


I am a Computer Engineering major and I live in Sevierville, TN. Currently I am dual enrolled in high school and the local community college, Walters State. I will have 60 hours of credit at the end of the semester, and I will be transferring in the fall to Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN where I will finish out my bachelors degree. I know PHP,C,C#,, and Java fairly well and I have experience creating Debian packages - mostly custom compiled linux kernels. I have done many websites on my own for hire, and I have also been hired through a subsidiary company of XDA-Developers for OEM Android developments.

Android tools in Debian

My name is Simon Sickle, and I am extremely versed in the Android project. Currently, I have achieved recognized developer status at the xda-developers forum, I maintain the Nexus 9 for ?CyanogenMod, and I have submitted many patches to various projects. Getting all of the Android build dependencies is nothing new to myself either. Currently I build on a “Linux From Scratch” system with mainline kernel, but because of the time required for maintenance I have decided to move to a distribution of Linux. Debian was my first choice, as Ubuntu, the most popular child of Debian, is the officially recommended distribution to use; however, once I had installed packages and various other tools I realized that Debian was not up to par with all requirements yet. Traditionally, this means it is time for myself to give back to the community and assist whichever project that is involved, but due to educational advancements I have been unable to set aside time to do so. While scrolling through this year’s Google Summer of Code, I noticed Debian was a mentoring project and one of the posted ideas was Android tool updates. As soon as I saw this I knew that I desired to dedicate myself to the project.

Ultimately, my goal is to make developmental tasks for developers who work on the Android system within Debian. One example that I desire to accomplish most is a full ADB and fastboot package that contains all necessary files to allow any device to be connected without root access. Currently udev rules files and many other steps are required to set up a simple ADB interface with a phone. By simplifying this process, developers are able to spend time on the code they love and use a free operating system. Another few aspects I would wish to accomplish in this project are the updating of all necessary build packages, an updated Android SDK package for developers to install, addition of tools related to common problems while building the Android project, and any other issue that arises needing a fix.

Neither large projects nor lots of work create any feeling of intimidation for myself. In my hobby experience coding I have picked up many skills and coding styles. I am knowledgeable in git, java, c, and makefiles, and I also have experience submitting patches to Android’s up stream code. What I do not know I am able to pick up quickly, and I am always interested in learning anything new. I would be extremely humbled and grateful for this experience in the Debian ecosystem, and regardless of what happens, I hope to become a contributor to this amazing community of people.

Android is one of the most popular developer platforms currently on the market. Because of this, developers who use the Debian distribution would enjoy easier setup and use of the OS. The purpose of this project is to update all required packages for android where needed, add any necessary packages that do not exist, and allow for better end user experiences while working on the Android platform.

More Android Developers will enter the user base of Debian. In turn, this means many more open source contributions as Android developers always enjoy helping the community (the entire Android platform is community based). Not only this, but Android documentation will also become better, and Google may decide to make Debian the recommended platform for Android development.

I will add a package that includes ADB and Fastboot with proper udev rules. This will make debugging much easier for developers. I will also update all build tools to the latest version supported by the Android build system, and update the documentation on the wiki for Android related sections.

During the summer I am able to devote 40 hours per week to work on projects, except for the first four days of June. During those days, my time will not allow work; however, I am able to pick up the slack upon return home on the 5th day of June. My timezone is Eastern USA. I do not have any other prior commitments.

Debian is a community based Operating system that does not get involved with the typical corporate decisions involved in some other distributions of Linux. Because of this, it is my favorite platform to work with. Releases are stable, versus rushed to the "customer". Not only this, but the entire community as a whole is extremely friendly and loves to share their knowledge.

No, this is the only application.