Student Application Template

I have fair amount of experience in Python and Scala, have knowledge of NoSQL database, Multiprocessing, packaging, docker, actualization etc.

experience in building rest-api for advertising company using python-flask-redis

research paper on shellcode Reverse Engineering : and

detailed info at

For example an Developer will first login, then create new project, select directory where to deploy, can choose if he/she wants virtualenv or not, then load requirements.txt file to automatically prepare python environment with dependency, and upload zip file(that contains python files). This Service will automatically setup everything as needed, then user can even give entry point file, for example out of 10 files from user can choose a particular file which will work as starting point.

So after choosing that, he/she can directly start and stop file from restApi instead of logging again and again into ssh and doing all the stuff from command line.

Second advantage apart from easing developers work is that, in big organization where multiple projects needs to be deployed this can work as handy tool for managing projects like, start, stop, add dependency, updating etc.

also org need not share ssh details with every developer instead they can create a user in this rest-api who will only be able to maintain or handle his particular projects.