Student Application

Elhares Faiez


IRC nickname: faiezdev

I am a second year student of software engineering at National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies of Tunis, i am very interested in software design and documentation, especially in a Linux environment. I came across Linux in university classes and i readed books about Linux internals design and architecture, therefore i would like to be guided by an expert in order to build software that interact with system components.

Apport for Debian

Notification tool, Integration with Reportbug, Integration with Debian Bug Tracking System, Offline functionality, network problems resolution and enhancements of the bug reporting tool.

bug detecting and reporting are going to be more reliable and user-friendly.

Notification tool: Apport should provide a generic notification tool that can detect Apport crash reports and notify the user.

Integration with Reportbug: Apport should be integrated with Reportbug to stand as a secondary bug reporting tool.

Integration with Debian Bug Tracking System: Apport should interact well with Debian Bug Tracking System.

Display bug reports: Apport's bug reporting system should display bug reports waiting in the queue to the user, tag them and pull them in once they are confirmed.

Scan bug reports: Apport's bug reporting system should run crash signature scan before pulling bug reports.

Offline functionality: Apport should behave well without internet connection.

before May 25 (Before the official coding time):

after May 25 (Official coding period starts):

Nice to have

According to advancement in work on Apport and results, we want to:

may be the first four days.

no other plans

Debian is a huge project, it is a major Linux distribution with several software systems and active community of skillful developers, i must work on to improve open source software systems and to improve my knowledge.

I am trying to apply for two other projects with Fedora and GNU.