Student Application : Developer Dashboard

Have fair knowledge of using API's like Facebook,Github, Authy etc. research paper on shellcode Reverse engineering : and

Detailed info about my commercial as well as open source work at My Projects

Online Profile: SO profile Github Profile Quora Profile

Also dashboard will have an option of importing(By uploading and exporting the data in iCalendar format. Any other feature can be added if mentor suggests and time permits.


Work Progress

First 2 weeks:

Login and Signup System for users (Developers)

3-4 week:

Preparing the base structre, Databases and caching system

5-7 week:

Facebook, Github, Google calendar and Twitter syncronization of calendar events/tasks

8th week:

Giving option to manually upload iCalendar files, or ability to fetch it from specified url and store in DB.

upto 10th week:

Option to manually add event, task, or todo List on the dashboard itself.

11th Week:

Building an online calendar with all the data, ability to download iCalendar file with all the merged data.

Finalizing :

Testing, Debugging and Packaging of code for final evaluation