Student Application Template


Cameron Norman

Contact/Email/IRC nick

Email: IRC: ?CameronNemo


Project title

Integrate debian with Android

Project details


Benefits to Debian


Project schedule

Application Evaluation Phase

(March 28 - April 27)

Community Bonding Phase

(April 27 - May 25)

Coding Phase

(May 26 - June 25)

(June 26 - July 3)

Mid term evaluation

(July 4 - August 24)

Exams and other commitments

All exams scattered in first two weeks of May.

Other summer plans

Possibly GNOME ?WestCoast Hackfest, June 29 to July 3. (as part of elementary OS work)

Why Debian ?

I use Debian and have contributed to Debian in the past and had a positive experience. Using Debian more, i.e. in a chroot on Android, interests me a lot.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC ?