Project: Automated Configuration of Packaged Web Applications

Project Details

The following will be accomplished with this project:

  1. A tool that will allow 'userops' on a Debian system:

    • Back-end
      • The tool will be written in Ruby and will be used through the web UI front end of the tool
    • Front-end
      • Web interface for the tool that allows installation of web applications by users less able to get it set up by themselves and manage upgrades and security.
      • The front-end of the tool will use Plinth for the UI
  2. Recipes for configuration:

    • Initially, the tool will support 3 popular web applications. Support will be included for ?OwnCloud or Wordpress (PHP), ?MediaGoblin (Python), and Redmine (Ruby, Rails)

    • Chef will configure and install the packages with these recipes
  3. Documentation:

    • Documentation will be provided to allow others to test and use the tool
    • Documentation for non-technical users so that they can also understand the tool and how to use it
    • Show how to setup an instance of the tool for development purposes and usage
    • Detailed documentation on how the tool functions through the use of code comments and written documentation.
  4. Communicate with the UserOps initiative announced by ?MediaGoblin

  5. Communicate with the maintainers of the packages that will be initially supported by the tool

Project Schedule

[Note:] Code documentation will be done throughout the coding period.