Student Application Template

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This is a suggestion for the kind of information we'll find useful from students in their submissions. Remember -- you're going to be committing to several months' work. The more information and planning you can provide up-front, the more we (and Google!) will have to go on when we're ranking your application. Do not forget adding your submission at SummerOfCode2015/StudentApplications

Jose Enrique Ruiz Navarro

Email: phone +34 618861286

I am a Bachelor student at the computer engineering at University of Seville since 2013. Currently, I am second course and I am also a system administrative. I am a hardwork person. I like to learn whatever is technology. I want to start contributing to Debian and what better way than with this opportunity

Android tools in Debian

The purpose of this project is to update and complete other packages to integrate Android with Debian. The tasks to be done are: -finish packaging all of the core development tools (aidl, gradle, etc.) -update android-tools package to follow Android Tools team package structure -update existing packages to the latest upstream version -update androidsdk-tools to the Android Tools Team style, and update to latest upstream version -package new parts of the Android upstream source, including the NDK, target platforms, compilers, etc. -make all Android Tools packages build reproducibly

his project is about working towards the goal of having the entire Android toolchain and SDK in Debian so that Android apps can be developed using only free software from easy-to-use packages.

Debian is a system developed by the community for the community. All that is developed for it, will be for the benefit of all

The philosophy of free software 's my teacher taught me during sysadmin . Because knowledge should be for everyone without any barriers. Debian meets these characteristics and can investigate if the system

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