Student Application Template

Name : Akshita Jha

Email :

IRC nick : akshita (OFTC/freenode)

Background: I am a 3rd year undergraduate pursuing B. Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Computational Linguistics (2012 - 2017) from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad, India. I have a background in Python, C and C++. I am also familiar with SQL, Postgresql, MySQL and scripting. I have experience as a Web Designer too and have designed websites for several startups. Currently, I am a Teaching Assistant in IIIT – Hyderabad for IT Workshop–II course.

What makes you the best person to work on this project?

Apart from the above, I also feel I have the same goal as Debian Maintainers - to build the best operating system and customize Debian for its target users. Debian Pure Blends comes very close to the idea and Blends Web Sentinel would be my first step towards achieving that.

I have started with Blends Web Sentinel project. Please see the links listed below for some of my direct and indirect contributions:

Project title : Blends Web Sentinel

Project details : The tasks pages which are a part of Web Sentinel probably give the most interesting overview about what a Blend actually is for newcomers, along with providing a nice quality assurance tool for developers. The main goal of this project is to rewrite '' module to use UltimateDebianDatabase (UDD) exclusively. This also includes adding data to UDD which has not been incorporated completely. '' depends on various other modules of the code base. Rewriting '' involves rewriting the dependent modules as well.

Synopsis: Rewrite completely to use UDD.

Benefits to Debian: The inclusion of modified gives the target users information about the packages that are present in a Debian Pure Blend.


Project schedule:

April - May 24:

Week 1 (May 25 - June 1):

Weeks 2-3-4 (June 2 - June 25):

Week 5 (June 26 - July 3):

Weeks 6-7 (July 4 - July 18):

Weeks 8-9 (July 19 - August 3):

Weeks 10-11-12 (August 4 - August 25):

Exams and other commitments: I have no other plans between May 25, 2015 and August 25, 2015. I can easily devote 40-45 hours per week to the project at hand.

Why Debian?: I am surrounded by people who use Debian. My college IIIT-H is a known Debian user. I have been using Debian based distros for quite some time now. As a user, I feel they are very stable because of their Debian back-end. Debian's easy to use “apt” tool is also an additional plus point for its users.

Debian contains nearly 22,000 binary packages, and this number constantly increases. As a debian user, I felt no single individual needs all these packages. So, I was really intrigued by the idea of Debian Pure Blends. Debian Pure Blends tries to provide a solution for special groups of target users with different skills and interests. It provides collections of specific program packages, and also eases installation and configuration for the intended purpose. As a computer engineer, I feel it is our responsibility to make technical tasks fun for its target users. The tasks pages give a complete overview about a Blend to its newcomers. It also provides a nice quality assurance tool for developers. I would love to be a part of such an influential community.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC? No. Blends Web Sentinel in Debian is the only project I am applying for.

Other Open Source Contributions : I am relatively new to FOSS and do not have much experience as a contributor. But, I previously contributed to improve Debsources in Debian. Below are my contributions:

I have just begun my journey and I plan on contributing a great deal.