For your application to be considered by Debian and Google, you must:

  1. Register an account on this wiki and login.
  2. Submit and maintain your complete application on this Wiki. To create your application, enter your name in CamelCase and press the button below:

  3. Add a link to your proposal under the appropriate project listed below. Feel free to add another project (your own for example) if it is not in the list.
  4. Create an application on Melange. You are not required to submit your complete application on Melange again -- just add a link there to your application on this Wiki.

If you have any other information that you do not want to share on the Wiki because it will be public, please use your application on Melange for that.

Input/Output model for multiple simultaneous users

Akap Azmon Deh-NjiMelange Proposal

Rohith MadhavanLink to Google Melange

Floris-Andrei Stoica-MarcuMelange Proposal

Vimarsh RainaMelange Proposal

Automated configuration of packaged web applications

Roberto Vannucci -Link to Google Melange

Zhanibek Kaimuldenov Link to Google Melange

Brandon FairchildLink to Google Melange

Thiago Ribeiro -Link to Google Melange

Improve one of the Debian MIPS ports (mips, mipsel, mips64el)

Arturo Borrero GonzalezLink to Google Melange

Gustavo Prado AlkmimLink to Google Melange

Komal SukhaniLink to Google Melange

Javier FajardoGoogle Melange Proposal

PythonHorizon : Deploy python projects with ease


Blends web sentinel

Akshita JhaMelange Proposal

Developer Horizon : Dashboard

Harsh DaftaryMelange Proposal

Keerthana KrishnanMelange Proposal

Coinstallable PHP Versions

Murukesh Mohanan

Improve Debian reproducible builds

Maria Valentina Marin RodriguesMelange Proposal

?Manos Pitsidianakis

Eduard Sanou

Debsources as a platform

Orestis IoannouMelange proposal

Clément Schreiner (melange)

Archive built with asan

Sergey DavidoffMelange proposal

Mohit Bhakkad Melange Link

Apport for Debian

Alvaro Neira AyusoLink to melange proposal

ElHares FaiezLink to melange proposal

Jonathan Nunes BoilesenLink to melange proposal

Yuru ShaoLink to melange proposal

Integrate Debian with Android

Robin KERDILESLink to melange

Rohit ShenoyLink to melange

Cameron Norman(melange)

Jivan GhadageLink to melange

Bootable clang-built debian

Abhilash Mhaisne Link to melange proposal

Mohit Bhakkad Melange Link

Joseph Lee

Android tools in Debian

?Simon Sickle — Link to melang proposal

Jose Enrique Ruiz NavarroLink to melange proposal

Kai-Chung YanLink to melang proposal

Guillermo de la Cruz Dorado - Link to melange proposal

Komal SukhaniLink to Google Melange

Add new checkers in Debile

Lucas KanashiroMelange proposal

Athos RibeiroMelange proposal

Make Debile a first-class citizen in the Debian QA ecosystem

Clément Schreinermelange