Name: Waleed Ziad

contact : / / (waleed) on IRC

Background : I am third year computer science student at Cairo university , i have been using linux distributions since school and debian for 3 years i have knowledge in coding and various computer science topics like C/C++ ,python, java , Git and knowledge in OS , computer architecture , assembly and i have done a lot readings on Linux kernel development and debian packaging , when i am not studying or working i participate in competitive programming contests like Topcoder , codeforces and ACM competitions which really strengthen coding skills .

Project title : Linux hardware support for one mobile device

Project details : the project aims to make debian supported on a mobile device , i'll be using a nexus 7 device for a lot of reasons it's source code is available on cyanogenmod , it is totally GPL compliant it doesn't have proprietary drivers/patches , then for the main work first supporting the device into a bootloader , building a bootloader package and then start porting the debian installer and the most important thing about the project is putting changes to linux mainline as debian doesn't add non linux mainline stuff to debian kernel so there would be no support for the device

Synopsis : getting a mobile device to support debian and get changes to linux mainline to be supported by debian

Benfits to Debian : when debian started it had a vision to be a universal operating system and this is it's motto "the universal operating system" and nowadays mobile and handheld devices are increasing exponentially and linux must have his share from this and the good news is he does as linux based android devices are dominating the market but the linux experience on devices lack the liberty we enjoy on PCs so mobile device should support debian as it is one of the biggest linux distributions and a lot are eager to use it on mobile devices

Deliverables : debian working on nexus 7 putting changes on linux mainline

Project schedule :

April 21 - May 19 : getting more familiar with debian bug tracking and building packages for debian

acquiring more skills in kernel development since my experience in kernel developing is reading and lacks practical experience

getting to know better the community and consulate them about the project steps

Expected time : 20 hours a week (since i'll be studying and attending also in college)

May 19 - mid June : (my university didn't announce yet the exact date for ending exams but it will be about mid June )

start working in the project

Expected time : 10-15 hours a week (since i'll be in exams)

mid June - 27 June :

summer vacation starts more productive work

mid term evaluation

Expected time : 40 hours a week

27 June - August 18 :

getting feedback from mentor and community

more work and documentation

prepare for final evaluation

Exams and other commitments : my university didn't announce yet the exact date for ending exams but it will be about mid June , i don't have any other commitments other than GsoC after the vacation starts of course i have college before vacation

Why Debian? : like i said i have been using debian for 3 years i think it is the most suitable operating system for mobile devices and the community is great and very responding

Are you applying for other projects in SoC? No