Student Application Template

I started by building Muon on Linux Mint and on Debian to see what needs to be fixed in order to have a fully functional Muon in Debian. After a little bit of struggle, I managed to successfully build Muon on both systems:

muon_mint.png muon_debian.png

So, as it can be seen in the above some menu entries are missing and also the toolbar cannot be shown. Below you can find a step by step plan in order to have a successful project:

Below, you can find attached the required addon with my name added to the “About Muon” window:


muon_discover.png muon_installer.png

The above schedule is orientative. I tried making it as realistic as possible and reserved time for unexpected problems that might appear. If everything goes fine and finish all the features earlier, I will start working at other improvements.

Finally, I want to thank you for taking time to read my proposal. I hope we will collaborate during this summer but also after GSoC.