Name - Saket Sinha

Age - 25

Date of Birth - 2nd January, 1989.

E-Mail :

IRC nick - disdi

Education Post-Graduation (Pursuing) - MSc(FOSS-CS) degree course from CDE, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded System & VLSI Design from Centre of Development & Advanced Computing, NOIDA, India.

Graduation - B.Tech in Electronics & Communication from CET- IILM-AHL affliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India.

Mentor - Antonio Terceiro


PROJECT : HEPunion filesystem implementation as Linux module

ROLE : (Developer)


GUIDE: Pierre Schweitzer

At CERN LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty), in order to reconstitute and filter events, a huge computing facility is required (currently ~1500 nodes). This computing farm, runs SLC (Scientific Linux CERN), a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) derivate. All these computing nodes get their operating system (Linux) from some dedicated servers. Each node act as diskless nodes

The aim of this project is to adapt and extend union file system as a proper Linux module to address the requirements of a a huge computing facility, in our case which is LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty) at CERN. -The principle of the file system union is to join several file systems, at least one read-only (generally) and one read-write and use that union as a normal Linux file system.

GSOC PROJECT PROPOSAL - Debian Continuous Integration


Testing is a critical part of software development. For any major release of software, we have to mostly do test setup, test procedure steps, validation of actual result with expected result, clean up steps to bring the application back to original state,scheduling a test, prepare test results log, and report the test results. The goal of this project is to make Debci integrates all these steps for testing of almost all packages before any major/minor release of Debian.

Timeline -


Identify the implementation area in the source code where we need to work.


Create Perl/Python wrappers for work currently being done through bash scripting in Debci. This would not only increase the efficiency of debci with regard to the time it takes to run tests but also make implementation easier.


Provide support for framework like Jenkins to provide beeter handling of tests.

Major Deliverables of the project : Improvement in the efficiency of debci with regard to the time it takes to run tests for a package, reflected in a reduction of the time it takes for debci to finish a full test run.

Support for different backends for debci, e.g. local backends such as kvm/lxc and remote backends such as jenkins, debile, LAVA etc.

Improvements to the debci web interface, as in provide more useful information for package maintainers, for the release/QA teams etc.

Exams and other commitments : NO

Other summer plans : NO

Why Debian? Why are you choosing Debian? What attracts you about Debian? Most comfortable Linux distro to work with a healthy community support.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC? YES