1. Name: Lachezar Lechev

2. Contact:

3. Background: I'm 2nd year Informatics student. I have been deeply learning Web Developing since the age of 13. I have working experience with teams, OOP, Git and much more. I'm looking for more knowledge and experience. This project is new for me and I'll be glad if I can learn it and be helpful for his future development. I believe I'm the perfect guy for the project because I haven't dealt with import/export so deeply and I'll be glad to support Debian and it's Open Source Projects.

4. Project title: Import/export for Alioth (FusionForge)

5. Project details: Import/export data plug-in from one project to another the easy way.

6. Synopsis: Alioth is the reference Debian hosting platform for project code (or "forge"). It supports all majors VCS (Git, Hg, Bzr, SVN...) and offers membership management, bug trackers, discussion lists, download areas, and aims at making team work more efficient using best practices from the Free Software world. Alioth is powered by FusionForge.

The forge world currently lacks interoperability: each forge has its own internal data format and few tools are available to migrate data from one forge to another. Moving project code and assets between publication platforms — including your own forge — should be easier, and faster.

Implement an extensive import/export feature for FusionForge. You'll probably review the previous experiments with tools (forge-plucker, github-backup, ...), one-way imports and APIs. Defining a common format would clearly be a plus.

7. Benefits to Debian: Easier import/export of project data in FusionForge that will help every body to backup, restore or move their data from project to project and from one forge to another.

8. Deliverables: a FusionForge plug-in, to be included in the official releases.

9. Project schedule:

10. Exams and other commitments: Ending lectures: 15 May and 3 exams from 14 to 28 of June, exact dates TBA. Other summer plans: No plans

11. Why Debian? : It's popular Linux Open Source distribution that doesn't deals only with desktop but also with web developing. I was happy when I found out that there is tool like FusionForge for managing project and I really want to learn the system and to contribute to this great project which I most likely will use in future projects.

12. Are you applying for other projects in SoC?: Yes, I have applied to other projects.