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 * '''Name''' Israel Leiva

 * '''Contact/Email''': israel.leiva@usach.cl / ilv at freenode/oftc / @criptomante

 * '''Background''': I'm 24 years old. I studied Computer Engineering for a couple of years, then I dropped out and started studying Computer Science at University of Santiago, Chile. I've participated at the IOI 2007 and the ACM-ICPC several times. I'm also a member of the Technical Committee for the National Olympiad in Informatics. I've been programming since I was 15, mostly in Perl and C, and a Linux user since I was 16. I'm also comfortable with C++, PHP, BASH, Python and Lua. I've been a user of Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, FreeBSD and Slackware (mostly Debian and Ubuntu). I've been working as a web developer for more than one year now, using mainly CodeIgniter+Bootstrap+JQuery. I wrote a Perl module for automated grading of programming tasks a few years ago, you can check it at my CPAN profile: https://metacpan.org/author/ILV. I have a decent knowledge of git (my personal webpage is on github: http://ileiva.github.io).

 * '''Project title''' Debian Continuous Integration

 * '''Project details''': A rough description of what I've thought so far:

    * Refactor existing code to make it easily to extend and faster (still working on this). Use another language if needed (in that case I'd prefer Perl, but I'm okay with Python).
    * Investigate current failures with schroot and support new backends (not much experience here, but willing to learn :).
    * Improve web ui in terms of usability and features. Some things could be group packages according to status, scope (not sure if possible but it would be great), render log files, create dd-list of failing packages, create atom feeds, alternative for non-JS users, create more filters in general for the data.
    * Create documentation.
    * Add support for display results in different languages. I could contribute with the Spanish translation.

 * '''Synopsis''': Improve the continuous integration system for Debian.

 * '''Benefits to Debian''' Reduce the time for the package testing process and eventually the time it takes Debian to release new versions. Documentation of the testing process as well of a cleaner and easy-to-use (may be modular?) version of debci.

 * '''Deliverables''': Improvements on existing code, (web) ui and (non-existing?) documentation. Extend support for backends (lxc, etc).

 * '''Project schedule''': Soon.

 * '''Exams and other commitments''': I study in Chile, so that means that my semester begins on March and ends on July. I've been studying and working for the last year as a developer so if I'm accepted, it won't be a problem to dedicate 35-40 hours a week for the project.

 * '''Why Debian?''': Contributing to big projects like Debian is great, but it's even better when you contribute to a project that you've been using for many years and every day. This is one opportunity to give back, to be grateful. That's why :)

 * Are you applying for other projects in SoC? Yes.