Project: Debian Continuous Integration - Web Interface, Multiple Architectures and Suites

Project Details

Currently, debci does not give enough useful and detailed information to Debian package maintainers. Its current web user interface at only shows overall statistics such as the run duration and the number of passing and failing packages. Log files are displayed on seperate pages away from the selected package. The current interface does not allow for the viewing of packages by architecture (i386, amd64, ARM, etc.) or suite (Debian stable, testing, unstable).

The following will be done with this project:

  1. Multiple architecture and suite support:

    • (ARM, i386, amd64) support will be added, support for different suites (Debian stable, unstable, testing, etc.)
  2. Improved web interface:

    • Rewrite the web user interface as a Rails or Sinatra application to reduce dependency on Javascript
    • Display list of passing and failed packages that are selectable and will display useful parts of the log file
    • Selected package will display the last time it was tested and details on why it passed or failed testing (dependencies, other problems specified in log file). As of now, all of this information is provided in log and json files. This information would be useful to package maintainers.
    • Searching of packages (filters, specifications by architecture and suite)
  3. Package Testing Data:

    • Detailed testing information about each tested package will be provided with each package. Relevant package testing details will be displayed for the selected package and will support viewing information for the package testing results on multiple architectures and suites.
  4. Debci Documentation:

    • Documentation will be provided to allow others to test and use debci on their own machines and help maintain the project.
    • Show how to setup an instance of debci
    • Detailed documentation on how debci functions through the use of code comments and written documentation.
  5. Communicate with the Ubuntu Continuous Integration team
  6. If possible, communicate with other student working on debci

Project Schedule

[Note:] Code documentation will be done throughout the coding period.