Student Application Template

Since the academical year started, I have already taken 2nd year courses, passing the Data Structures and Algorithms course and currently having Software Engineering. I have also been employed at DFKI Bremen, the German Reasearch Center for Artificial Intelligence, for 6 months, where I have extensively worked with image processing, C/C++ complex algorithms, basic manipulation etc.

Debian-related, I have been using Debian since 2010, when my journey in the open source world also started. After seeing this project proposed, I have worked on my packaging abilities and eventually managed to patch, for example, redhat-cluster (3.1.8-1.1) and doxygen (1.8.6-1) packages such that they will break cycles in the "build-dependency DAG". Thus I consider I am ready to take this task further on.

Using the outcome of the GSoC 2012 project, botch, we can actually see most of the build dependencies that would be the best breakable "spots" in the graph. I have made patches for Redhat-cluster 3.1.8-1.1 (patch.diff) and also doxygen (patch.diff) which helped me gain some insight into what the work I will have to do during the summer will look like. Even though the deliverables of the project are pretty straightforward and the work will be done manually for each package, the difficulty of the project might vary from packages which have only one "should-be-broken" build dependency to, for example, source packages involved in Type-2 Self-Cycles(source indirectly strongly Build-Depends on a binary package it itself builds through one of its direct build dependencies; however, these Type-2 Self-Cycles, even though they are not the hardest to break, they must be broken). I think what will matter in thend will be a well-organized schedule to make our goal achievable. Moreover, being able to package will not be the only skill needed, good communication being required as well: a friendly relationship will have to be kept between the student and the package maintainers throughout the entire summer. In the end, there will be a snapshot taken and we will compare it to the original one, which is currently available at

Of course, another very important task throughout all weeks will be to maintain a permanent and friendly communication with the package maintainers such that there are no problems with submitting the patches.