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The main page is at SummerOfCode2014 and OutreachProgramForWomen. (Depending on your program)

Project template

All the project descriptions should follow the following template.

Title of the project

Description of the project: At least 8-10 lines describing what the project is about; it is really important to have a good description if you want to attract students who are interested by the idea. This does not need to be a very technical description, but something that stirs interest and is complete enough to allow a student to judge whether s/he wants to work on the particular project or not. It does not need to be a complete road map either and does not need to explain all the tiny details and whatnot -- the mentor can tell that to interested students, or they can work out the exact details together.

Projects with confirmed mentors

Please keep this section clear of project ideas without confirmed mentors, to avoid any confusion for prospective students. Such projects should be published in the next section.

Projects ideas without confirmed mentors

Please find mentors for those projects. If no confirmed mentor shows up before the student application period starts, the project will not happen.