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## page was renamed from SummerOfCode2014/ProjectProposals/WebRTC portal for the Debian community

WebRTC portal for the Debian community

Description of the project: Debian recently launched a SIP and WebRTC service for our community. The User Guide explains how developers can access it. A key feature of the service is rtc.debian.org, the WebRTC softphone based on JSCommunicator and JsSIP. The student would look at extending this portal to provide more features specific to the requirements of Debian Developers, for example, adding support for SIP SIMPLE messaging, integrating multi-party conferencing using Jitsi Videobridge, linking WebRTC or Jitsi Videobridge to the dvswitch tool used at conferences like DebConf, adding CTI features (for example, when a call comes in, the softphone should get details about the caller from Debian LDAP and display it on the page), adding Captcha support to prevent spam calls.

  • Confirmed Mentor: Daniel Pocock

  • How to contact the mentor: daniel@pocock.pro

  • Confirmed co-mentors: volunteers sought

  • Deliverables of the project: any of the ideas in the description, to be agreed with the mentor at the beginning of the project

  • Desirable skills: ?JavaScript, jQuery, SIP. Alternatively, skills in C++ or Java may also be beneficial for server side work (such as linking Jitsi Videobridge with dvswitch)

  • What the student will learn: WebRTC, the hot new HTML5 technology of 2014.