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Package elementary software

Package elementary's Pantheon shell, GUI framework (Granite), applications, icon theme, and gtk theme. elementary is a project devoted to delivering a great user experience on the desktop computer. elementary's main product is elementary OS, which is currently Ubuntu based (although the developers are looking towards a Debian base in the future). Packaging this set of software in Debian will offer another great choice of desktop environments for Debian's many desktop computer users, as well as supplement current DE's offerings. Furthermore, a pure spin of Debian that uses elementary's suite of software by default will be much easier to implement.

  • Confirmed Mentor: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

  • How to contact the mentor: glaubitz@debian.org, IRC: cbmuser

  • Deliverables of the project: elementary's shell and apps installable with near complete functionality through Debian's repositories.

  • Desirable skills: Some experience with Vala, a similar object oriented programming language (such as Java or C#), or C with GObject. Some knowledge of debian packaging.

  • What the student will learn: The student will learn how a large project is interconnected, and he or she will broaden Debian's repositories with new, exciting software.