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 * '''Confirmed co-mentors:''' guoliang@debian.org  * '''Confirmed co-mentors:''' guoliang@debian.org, Aron Xu <aron@debian.org>

Improve Debian on mips64el

Description of the project: Port debian kernel package to support mips64el for loongson 2/3 and other possible hardware Port debian-installer to mips64el and build images for loongson 2/3 and other possible hardware fix some packages that failed to build on mips64el basic qa for gnome/kde

  • Confirmed Mentor: Yunqiang Su

  • How to contact the mentor: wzssyqa@gmail.com

  • Confirmed co-mentors: guoliang@debian.org, Aron Xu <aron@debian.org>

  • Deliverables of the project:kernel package, package patches,debian-installer for mips64el which are accepted by official repository.

  • Desirable skills: Patching upstream code,good understanding of C and C++, etc

  • What the student will learn: Basic architecture of mips64el, debian packaging.