Bootstrappable Debian

Description of the project: The goal is to make Debian buildable using itself, primarily to make the task of bringing up new architectures easier, and Debian self-supporting. Work towards this goal has been going on for several years, a large part of it undertaken by GSOC students, and we now have all the necessary components: build profiles, multiarch, cross-toolchains, botch, autobootstrap and The remaining piece of work is actually modifying the packages that botch/ and manual inspection identify as being the optimum places to break loops, and coding up the necessary variant builds and altered build-dependencies, so that a linear build order exists.

The fundamental issue is that there are many cyclic build-dependencies in Debian so there is no way to just build everything in order. The rules changes and metadata you add turns the cyclic build graph into a build tree (acyclic graph) so that there actually is an order.