== Opportunistic and distributed infrastructure to build Debian packages into a web of trust==

Description of the project: Building packages on shared machines increases the risk.Currently Debian provides a single backport package selection and it is mainly driven by security concerns.

Building an opportunistic architecture in which we know what trusted computers are on-line, Debian developers may donate CPU cycles in order to build debian packages in their machines.

Sometimes users may require certain features which are only present in unstable or even in experimental. For example, a developer of the Orca library may require a bleeding edge ZeroC Ice package but there is no need to upgrade the whole system to unstable. Currently users may use apt pinning but this may lead to unexpected upgrades to some critical packages (libc, C++ compiler runtime libraries) and binaries may end up linked to different versions of the same library. Most often developers rebuild from the unstable or experimental source package in a stable pbuilder environment and create custom repositories.

This project aims at streamlining the process to prepare custom backports which are driven by user requirements rather than imposed policies. It may also be used to help Debian package building infrastructure.