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 * At time of typing I have not apply for any other project.  * At time of typing I have not applied for any other project.

Student Application Template

  • Name: Zlatko Sehanovic

  • Contact/Email: z.sehanovic@gmail.com; zlatko or zseha on irc

  • Background: I'am 18 year old high school student, with interest in computer science. I have done some programming with C++,C++-qt,C#,Java,Android SDK(some small projects in PHP,Ruby,Rails,bash). My experience with android app development is moderate(I am not an expert nor I work with it on daily basis), but I think its more than enough for this project.

  • Project title: Debian Android Application

  • Project details: Small and fast app, for Debian Developers. The one app that will help developer to gather information about his, and other packages in development. One thing that is important is that the app has to be in real-time, so it will sync itself with server to get bugs from bug tracking system. I would add possibility to optionally fetch one or more mailing lists, and show them inside the application and then reply using "intent". Maybe add integrated terminal emulator and aptitude as a package viewer.

  • Synopsis: Android application to help Debian Developers use their tools on smaller touch display, and on the move.

  • Benefits to Debian: Debian Developers would get easier and more efficient access to tools like BTS and UDD.

  • Deliverables: Finished and tested Application available on Internet.

  • Project schedule: I'll start gathering information right away. I'll start planning UX and UI on 3.6.13.. Start to prepare code(prepare what I'll need in app itself) at 7.6. and start programming 15.6.. In August I am planning testing and public beta.(These dates are just approximation, the space between individual dates should be smaller but I have left some space for problems that might come up).

  • Exams and other commitments: entrance exam for university on 7.4

  • Other summer plans:

  • 15-17.5 Opensource days(might, still not sure)
  • 31-2.6 Startup weekend (organizing)
  • Debconf (might, not sure)
  • Why Debian?: Debian is my distro of choice for a long time now. The thing I really love about Debian, and that makes difference from other projects is true spirit of Open-Source software. The great idea of Opensource promotes sharing and helping each others and that is what Debian developers are doing for us, so I want to help them for once by making their job a bit easier.

  • At time of typing I have not applied for any other project.