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 * '''Name''' : Pawel Sarbinowski
 * '''Contact/Email''' : onexemailx@gmail.com , cypha_foss on freenode
 * '''Background''' : I'm 22 years old, CS student at Athens University of Economics and Business, (GMT+2). Currently I am in the fifth year of my Bachelor's Degree. I've finished with all my courses a year ago. I was a network/sysadmin at the Eltrun lab of my university for 1,5 year where I was incharge of setting up and maintaining three debian servers for http/ftp/mail/backup and several workstations, routers and printers. During the last 10 months i was an intern (technical student) at CERN in the IT-OIS department where I made automation scripts for os deployment to workstations. I have also worked on two android apps already ( Openwifistatistics and anagramsolver ) and I have a third one on the way plus I have made a windows phone app (Qubez). Openwifistatistics is used to scan wifi networks, gather statistics about them (including location, signal strength, protection etc) and upload the data to a server for statistical analysis and anagramsolver finds anagrams for given letters in english, greek, polish and french. Qubez is a word tower game for WP. You can check the source code at https://github.com/uberspot.
 * '''Project title''' : [[https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2013/Projects#Debian_Android_Application|Debian Android Application]]
 * '''Synopsis''' : The project will result in an Android app that makes the usage of many debian tools easier by blending it with the everyday usage of an android smartphone.
 * '''Project details''' : Debian Developers utilize many online resources on a daily basis in order to properly maintain their packages. Some of these tools include the PTS, BTS, UDD as well as Debian rss feeds(official and not). All of this information can be readily available on the go on a phone/tablet via an android application. The application would use existing Debian APIs to fetch, parse, display and cache all of this information in a Master/Detail flow. For easier interaction the REST API will be used to interact with the debian services.
   * The functions/views (PTS, BTS, UDD, RSS, Subscriptions, Settings) would be on an expandable list on the left side of the screen and on the right side details for each view/tool would be presented. Those right side details would include: for bts and pts textboxes for searching packages/bugs, views of the search results in a compact way and subsdcription buttons to specific packages/bugs. The udd view would include controls for running/viewing udd example queries and for checking interesting packages, via Bapase, and SponsorStats. Finally the rss view would quickly fetch and display the latest news from the official Debian rss.
   * Widgets on the home screen will display bug reports for subscribed packages and/or debian rss news.
   * Package info/bugs could also be cached and reviewed later offline with the app with a simple button on each pts, bts page.
   * Subscribed packages can be kept in a list as bookmarks for quick reference and easier browsing.
   * Actions related to the pts, bts, udd tools can be queued up to be sent later as soon as internet connectivity is restored in the device.
   * For the BTS, it will support bug reporting via email.
   * A quick ui prototype could look something like this http://imgur.com/a/D7tKx/ . Additionally an action bar will be added using [[http://actionbarsherlock.com|ActionBarSherlock]] to maximize compatibility between android versions. In that action bar many functions can be incorporated such as refresh/cache/subscribe functions for quick access.
Possible extra feature:
   * I could translate the app to polish, greek and french as well.
   * An existing debian account can also be integrated with [[http://developer.android.com/training/id-auth/custom_auth.html|Android Authenticator]] service and thus connect to Debian apis as a specific user personalizing the usage of the app.

 * '''Benefits to Debian''' : This should be a proper, rethinked mobile solution for Debian devs/maintainers to work on packages, bug reports etc even when they are not in front of a desktop allowing them to focus more on other immediate tasks.
 * '''Deliverables''' : an Android application that is either distributed via the Google Play store (for free) or available for download from a Debian website and has the features described above. I also want to continue supporting the app even after gsoc.
 * '''Project schedule''' :
   * May - June 17th: Familiarize with the Debian tools (pts, bts, udd etc) and their SOAP/REST api and write some basic functions to interact with the api.
   * June 1 - June 17: Write a compact and practical UI as described above.
   * June 18th - June 28th: Implement fully the functions needed to interact with the debian REST api and cache the received information.
   * June 29th - August 28th: Integrate the api functions to the designed ui and make sure every functions is easily accessible and displayed properly.
   * 1 September - End: Document usage and code, test everything again and deploy on google play store.
 * '''Exams and other commitments''' : No, I have no exams nor vacation plans. I might possibly go to Debconf 2013 but i have not yet decided. Coding is my priority.
 * '''Why Debian?''' : I am using Debian for 4 years now and I've always enjoyed its remarkable stability. Plus I'm a big supporter of f.o.s.s. so this is a great opportunity for me to contribute and actively be part of this community.
 * No.
Describe SummerOfCode2013/StudentApplications/PawelSarbinowski here.

Describe SummerOfCode2013/StudentApplications/PawelSarbinowski here.