Name: Ng Zhi An


Background: I am a Year 1 Computer Science student at the National University of Singapore. I have experience in C, Java, ?JavaScript, Python, and have dabbled in various other languages (Lisp, Ruby, Go). I like to explore and am not daunted by the unknown. I try to constantly improve myself by reading book (currently reading Clean Code by Robert C. Martin) and articles in my free time. I believe strongly in free and open source software, and am a small contributor myself. I also feel that in this age, secure communication is extremely important.

Project title: WebRTC and SIP over ?WebSockets

Project details: WebRTC is allows real-time communication on browsers. ?WebSockets allows a two-way communication channel over TCP. What is missing is a way for WebRTC to find peers and initiate calls. And SIP over ?WebSockets can fill in this role using repro. There is a release release available here, but there are more to be done before a stable version is released. One important this is testing the code which deals with ?WebSockets. This project aims to improve the test coverage of reSIProcate, and also set up Jenkins CI to ensure code quality.

This project can work well with others such as this which aims to build a web module for RTC and enables both developers and uses to communicate.

Synopsis: Testing environment for reSIProcate over ?WebSockets to ensure code quality.

Benefits to Debian: Real-time communication between

  1. Debian developers to Debian developers
  2. Debian developers to Debian users
  3. Debian users to Debian users

Deliverable: Improvements to testing for reSIProcate especially those parts to do with ?WebSockets.

Project schedule: ~12 weeks. I will be able to start as early as mid-May. Exams and other commitments: I have one summer module from May-August. But this is not likely to be a problem.

Other summer plans: 3 days away in early June for holiday. 1 week away in mid June for National Service.

Why Debian?: First of all I support Free Software. It just has so much win. Debian is a community-run project, and I respect that a lot. Debian is actually my first GNU/Linux distribution (1 year ago) and so I have a sort of sweet first-relationship feeling with Debian.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC? Yes.

Additional: I am interested in Lumicall too, so if time permits I would like to assist in that.