Name : Anshul Bansal

· Contact/Email :

· Background : I am 19 years old currently in my 2nd year in Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi pursing a bachelor’s Degree in the field on Computer Engineering. I have over an year experience in android development and have worked on 2 projects in android app development.The first project was a Android Listview project which targeted to provide a better api for the list view to the developers for easier implementation. I worked on it for 1 month and then submitted the project now they are collecting other widgets to provide a complete set to the developers. This project was carried out under M/S Arthapps,Noida

The 2nd project which I did as a personnel project is to develop a application for my own college which provides news, schedule and Phone numbers of the staff to the students through a nice looking UI.

I worked on this project alone for 2 months after gaining all the prerequisite knowledge to develop this project. The final outcome is a Android application which is available to be download from the Google play store under the name of NSIT APP.

The url for the app is :-

· Project title : Debian Android Application

· Synopsis : The project will result in an Android app that makes the usage of many debian tools easier by blending it with the everyday usage of an android smartphone.

· Project details : Debian Developers utilize many online resources on a daily basis in order to properly maintain their packages. Some of these tools include the PTS, BTS, UDD as well as Debian rss feeds(official and not). All of this information can be readily available on the go on a phone/tablet via an android application. The application would use existing Debian APIs to fetch, parse, display and cache all of this information.

· The app will open up with a splash screen showing the official logo of Debian. · The action bar logo of the application will be clickable which on click will display a list having UDD,PTS,BTS,About Debian,Personnel as its list elements. Sample Screenshot Url: · On clicking on the list items the user will be directed to the appropriate activity. · In the about Section we will have a brief introduction about debian. In the Udd section we will show all the data from the UDD sorted in categories like Bugs from the Debian BTS, Popularity contest, History of uploads, History of migrations to testing, Lintian, Orphaned packages, Carnivore, Debtags, Ubuntu bugs (from Launchpad), Packages in NEW queue, DDTP translations and then when the user will click one of them he will be redirected to appropriate query questions and then the required information will be fetched from the debian database and displayed. The app will cache the information so that the user can view the information offline whenever he/she wants. · In the PTS section we will have a list view showing all the package names of the debian project and a search bar as shown in the list view widget project and the user will be able to search the project and if he wishes to subscribe to the project there will be subscribe button which will automatically generate the email the user is required to send to the debian servers.

· In the BTS section of the application we will have all the search criterion listed in a seprate activity and it will also have a list of the reported bugs with a search button on top to open the search activity. The List item will be clickable which will provide all the details of the bug which user chose · The personnel section will have all the information the user has subscribed to or have marked favourite(The list view will have a mark fav option). · The advantage of using this type of interface is that we will be able to easily add any other functionality we want to as another section accessible through the main navigation panel · Widgets on the home screen will display bug reports for subscribed packages and/or debian rss news. · In the event of no network connectivity actions related to the pts, bts, udd tools can be queued up to be sent later as soon as internet connectivity is restored in the device.

. The app will be implementing ?ActionBarSherlock so as to provide a nice U.I and also make the app support previous versions of Android

· Benefits to Debian : The current user interface for the debian developers is not really user friendly so this app will provide the much needed user friendliness to the debian developers without comprosing the quality of the debian tools and developers will be able to get information about packages and bugs on the go on their tablets and smartphones which will increase productivity · Deliverables : an Android application that is either distributed via the Google Play store (for free) or available for download from a Debian website and has the features described above.

· Project schedule :

· May - June 5th: Familiarize with the Debian tools (pts, bts, udd etc) and their SOAP/REST api and write some basic functions to interact with the api. · June 5 - June 30:Fetch all the data needed to build the app from the debian servers through application and cache it because functionality is the most important · July 1st – July 28th: Start working to improve the user interface of the application and display the data received from the debian servers in the way mentioned in the project details. · June 29th - August 28th: Improve the application more by adding any other functionality we can think of in the application and side by side testing the app for bugs. · 1 September - End: Document usage and code, test everything again and deploy on google play store. · Exams and other commitments : No, I have no exams nor vacation plans for this summer

· Why Debian? : I don’t have much experience in Debian development but I have a lot of experience in android development and worked with facebook graph api before. I was looking for a project in android app development in GSOC and this project appealed to me because I have already worked on a project on similar lines and will be able to execute this project properly and efficiently.

· Other GSOC project: No i am not applying to any other GSOC project