Name: Anirban Gupta


Background: I am 20 years old, male, pursuing my B.Tech (C.S.E) at Amrita School Of Engineering, Bangalore(India). I have learnt C,C++, PHP, Java and basic C#, Ruby, Lisp, ASP.NET , HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, ?JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery . But am a bit rusty in most of these except for c, c++ and web development. Involved in competitive algorithms programming. Love to work with Open source projects . I have taken Real Time Computing Systems course in my previous semester and would like to implement all those i'd learnt theoritically. Also, i have learnt cryptography and would like to learn more. I believe its the experience which counts and i want to take part in this program only for knowledge and experience

Project title: One-time-password (token) based authentication and transactions

Project details: A variety of packages such as dynalogin to support token authentication have been present for various use cases. Some basic cases are UNIX logins and web based logins (OpenID). However we can improve the interface by assuming asynchronous calls to simpleID in order to facilitate better security measures during real time critical situations such as net banking transactions

Synopsis: Enhancing/creating some authentication and transaction protocols based on the one-time password.

Benefits to Debian: heavily secure channel for transactions

Deliverables: Waiting for confirmation and reply from mentors

Project schedule: Will begin as soon as a message is given to me from the mentors.

But mostly

week 1: find out more about the libraries and interact with people on the mailing list

week 2: read more on libraries and start finding out the features for the gui

week 3 and 4: implementing the gui

week 5: writing a rough documentation for the gui

week 6: implement a proper gui and write the final documentation

Exams and other commitments: available during the entire project period. But can commit to this project completely after may24

Why Debian?: A user of debian and 2nd most widely used linux OS.

Applying for other projects?: Not yet