* Name : Amila Dissanayake
* Contact/Email: ooopsamila@gmail.com
* Background: I'm D.M. Amila Dissanayake. I am a final year student in Computer Science and Engineering Department of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I have created a Train Schedule Finding application, a User Location Reminding application and a Project Management Tool with android. Also I have one year working experience in Hsenid mobile (pvt) ltd. In that one year also I have contributed in developing several mobile applications. I am proficient in Java, C, Android Application Development, Any kind of web application development, Object Oriented Programming and best software engineering practices. I have expertise with UI development for 3-4 years now. I have passion of completing my projects as the best available solution. My experience, my interest and my skills make me the best person for this project.
* Project title Debian Android Application
* Project details: Project will be an android application that has separate views for Debian UDD, BTS and PTS. UDD, BTS and PTS will develop as separate modules. That will allow to do future changes to these modules and it will make implementing test cases easy and clear. After discussing with project mentor, Hans-Christoph Steiner, I got to know that debian have a SOAP interface for only PTS. It's also under implementation. Therefore I came up with following architecture diagram.
When developing this web application I will have to access debian database to implement functions of UDD, BTS and PTS. To do that I have suggested two solutions in this architecture.

02 - Second solution is creating a Web service that that provide service required by android application.

I strongly suggest second solution has some major advantages than first solution. Developers can change web service without affecting functions of android application. Also it will follow best software engineering practices than first solution. Whether I used first solution or second solution, I will have to do an integration of UI module and database service module. Proper test cases and documentation will be provided for integration. I'm still discussing with project mentor about these two solutions. According to his ideas I will come up with a best solution that can make this project very successful.

* Synopsis: An Android Mobile Application to represent data and proceed functions of Debian UDD, PTS and BTS.
* Benefits to Debian While giving a new experience to existing debian users, this application will attract new users towards the debian. Also this application will make day to day life easier when accessing debian UDD, PTS and BTS.
* Deliverables: Fully tested working android application. It will be available in google play to download for world wide users. Documentation for Android UI module, Database service module and integration.
* Project schedule:
01. April 23 - May 03 : Discuss about project idea with mentor and come up with a clear solution. Prepare project proposal.

02. May 03 - May 27 : Further study about required knowledge for the project. Gain additional knowledge about the Debian UDD, PTS and BTS. Disscuss with the mentor about following two solutions to access debian database.
a. Creating a web service to access debian database.
b. Creating new module inside android application to access debian database.

03. May 27 - June 17 : Discuss with mentor about further project ideas. Read documentations recommended by mentor. Analyze the project idea and architecture to speed up future implementations.

04. June 17 - July 20 : Implementing the service(above 01 or 02) to access debian database. Designing UIs for android application(separately for UDD, BTS and PTS).

05. July 20 - July 27 : Testing the service that implemented to access debian database and doing required changes. Testing android application UIs and doing required changes.

06. July 27 - July 29 : Further analyze the project and submit the project for mid evaluation.

07. August 01 - August 31 : Implementing Java controllers to handle UI functions.(separately for UDD, BTS and PTS)

08. September 01 - September 07 : Testing Java controllers functions and doing required changes.

09. September 07 - September 18 : Integrating UI module with database service module.

10. September 18 - September 25 : Integration testing and doing required changes.

11. September 25 - September 27 : Final evaluation.

* Exams and other commitments: I don't have exams or any other commitments during GSOC period.
* Other summer plans: I don't have any other plans during summer. I'm ready to sit and code :)
* Why Debian?: For a long time I'm using ubuntu as my operating system. I got to know ubuntu was a successful version of debian operating system. That attracted me towards debian.
* Are you applying for other projects in SoC? No. I'm not applying for any other project.