Name: Aditya Bhardwaj

Contact/Email: Mail -, IRC Nick - purezen (on OFTC and Freenode), Twitter: _purezen

Background: I am a 22-year old undergraduate student at JIIT Noida, India pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. I am also an old FOSS user and enthusiast. I have coded using C, C++, Java, Bash and Python. I have also contributed a patch to Mozilla and have a general idea of working with FOSS communities. Ref:

I am also impressed by the power of open-source , which is why I spent a lot of time in getting ?OpenWrt to run on my (atleast then) unsupported router - ASUS WL330N3G (It was like a complete project in itself): Ref:

Some Android development from me can be seen at:

I also do my bit to evangelise open-source at my college. Here's an attempt. Ref: (Event)

I have been pursuing Debian for GSoC since the program was announced for 2013 and after evaluating a lot of interesting projects, am eyeing this one.:-)

Project title : Enhancing Debian Blends web sentinel

Project details: A very important feature of Debian Blends is the so called web sentinel currently featuring so called tasks and bugs pages. It has turned out that several (want-to-become) Blends could profit from the data gathered for this purpose to create their own dedicated views on the package pool. The option of some easily accessible information in some intermediate format (json) would help a lot to make even more use of the information that currently is assembled in the web sentinel. The current code makes heavy use from UltimateDebianDatabase (UDD) queries but is not very friendly regarding a simple json output. So the task would be to reuse the querying code to assemble the needed data but define a new data structure that fits into a reasonable json format. As a second step sentinel pages - in the optimal case enhanced in style and functionality - should be created from the json format. Also, an option for user feedback on the pages is much desired while supporting translations.

Synopsis: The enhanced web sentinel will provide interested parties with more informative and engaging experience with support for feedback and a UDD producing a more refined output.

Benefits to Debian: The new web sentinel shall be of use to users and developers/maintainers of Blends which is crucial to Debian.

Deliverables: Enhanced Web sentinel for Blends; easily accessible database containing all information about Blends packages

Proposed Timeline: I am mid-way setting-up the requisite environment on my PC. I hope to get engaged in full swing as soon as my college ends (mid-May).

Community bonding period (May 27 - June 16) Charting out plan with mentor and other people at Debian. Go through different aspects of the Debian infrastructure and dwelving deeper wherever required. Collecting feedback from various teams (Blends is a 'Debian-wide' concept..;-) ).

Starting period.

Currently, the data for blends web sentinel is obtained from a hacked-up workaround. This produces an output which should be lot better. PostgreSQL 9.2 has support for JSON output. This shall just do the job.

Also, the web sentinel right now is made up of statically generated web pages which has limited functionality. As a solution the web sentinel can be designed using Django which shall provide for all required functionalities. Also, it has a wide-userbase which shall promise further involvement as well.

Exams and other commitments: My college year is about to end in mid-May. After that I have a two-and-a-half-month vacation.

Other summer plans: None. GSoC will be my prime focus for the summer vacations in case I get selected. Have had enough of college.. need rest now.. :-)

Why Debian?: I have a long term interest in learning Linux; and Debian being a core distribution (and in FOSS spirit), serving as a foundation for many other distros (I am an old Ubuntu user :-) ) serves as a great opportunity to get involved in core OS development. Also, it is a great platform to deliver a significant impact.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC?: For Fedora.