I'm currently pursuing my MS in IIIT Hyderabad, India. My work has primarily been focused on Virtualization technologies for last two semesters and am currently working on VM Migration as part of my Thesis research.

I participated in GSoC 2011 for Scilab and successfully completed the project.

I'm interested in this project because

Why Me?

Currently, Openstack deployment on Debian requires installing the packages available in the repository, configuring each component(manually) to peacefully coordinate with others.

This is a very slow approach, even if one is trying to setup a simple proof-of-concept server. My task is to improve and optimize this process. At the end of the project, during the installation of openstack, the user will be able to choose from a set of use cases(deployment scenarios) and in the subsequent steps will be asked for respective configuration options required for the deployment. Hence, the installation of a package will be equivalent to deployment of a specific use case.

Here is how I'm planning to proceed:

As soon as a user enters the command to install the openstack(nova) package he'll be prompted to select one of the following options.

This isn't a completely new approach. Postfix/sendmail installation is similar. Debconf asks for the type of installation you want and then asks various options specific to the selected use-case.

These scenarios are motivated from the work of http://stackops.org folks who provide a web based installation method for deploying an openstack cloud. The three scenarios will be useful for all range of expertise - beginner => guru and will indeed fasten & simplify the whole process.

Currently, admins have to manually edit configuration files of each openstack component to setup a cloud. This project will try to simplify the process by packaging various use cases of openstack which will ensure that the deploying cloud becomes as simple as installing a package(at least for a single server setup ;)).

Debian is widely used as a server class operating system and with the advent of cloud computing its essential for Debian to provide administrative tools which ease and simplify the deployment of cloud infrastructure. A debconf script may not be the best solution but is certainly a good start. With this project, Sysadmins/DevOps will be quickly able to deploy Openstack clouds making Debian a viable platform for setting up production class Clouds.

I've been a Debian for the past one year. I got to know about Debian through Ubuntu which I've been using for quite some time and then came across the book Debian System by Martin F. Krafft. That's how I came to know about Debian, the policies behind it and its value. I still use Ubuntu on my personal computer but prefer Debian for most of the server deployments. For this project, its not Debian as much as Openstack which interests me. I've been using and depending on these project for a long time and want to make some valuable contribution to both. Additionally, I've been meaning to learn Debian packaging for a while. I started off with Ubuntu last year but couldn't continue due to academic obligations. This project provides a good opportunity to gain such skills.