Name : Akshaya R

Contact :

Background : I am a student doing my major in Bioinformatics in VIT University, India. I have a love for coding. I'm well versed with C, C++, perl, MySQL and HTML. However, I'm new to open source but I'm an avid learner and am willing to learn various things related to the project.

Timezone : IST - UTC+05:30 hrs.

Project title : Pluggable acquire-system for APT

Project details :

Benefits to Debian :

A better APT with an unified back end that makes searching and installing packages easier and efficient.

Deliverables :

Plan outline:

The basic step by step plan is to first build a parser that parses the sources.list file, so that the list can have plugins that be configured based on the end user needs. The configuration of these plugins here range from enabling and disabling them, choose what commands to implement, etc based on the parsing. So, the list will be parsed, the plugins will be created and the different commands will be unified and an unified backend will be created, thus producing a more efficient APT tool.

Project schedule :

April 23 to May 20: To familiarize myself completely with Debian, the APT tool, its functionality and architecture. To stay in contact with the mentor and the community so as to make myself clear of the future goals. To completely understand the source code, to improve my knowledge of the language, to learn about the present acquire logics and the plugin systems.

May 21 to July 8: To establish algorithms and bring about all the desired changes in the APT codes (i.e. to design the new acquire logic, to have parsers for the sources.list, to design the configurable plugins for the sources.list which can be configured based on the parsed data of sources.list file). To implement the codes in the source code. To test the improved acquire logic, the plugins and their configurations.

July 9: Mid-term evaluation.

July 9 to August 12: Testing of the codes, finding and removal of bugs.

August 13: Suggested pencils-down date.

August 13 to August 20: Further refining of codes, peer review, further changes and writing documentation.

August 20: Firm pencils-down date, improving documentation and final evaluation.

Exams and other commitments : My Exams finish well before the GSOC start date and is not a problem at all. However my next semester starts on the 11th of July but I assure to work on GSOC about 5-6 hours per day.

Other summer plans : There are no summer holiday plans. I will be totally involved in GSOC.

Why Debian?

I would feel very honored and proud to be working with Debian, one of the major open source software organizations. I would like to be a part of the large community of Debian developers and I'm willing to contribute to the community even beyond the GSOC period.

Note : I'm not applying for other GSOC projects.