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  • Name: Zlatan Todoric

  • Contact/Email: zlatan.todoric@gmail.com, zlatan on IRC, zlatan.todoric@ulk.rs.ba

  • Background: I'm a final-year student at the University of Banja Luka (on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Department). I have finished attending all course, and only need to complete the exams to graduate. I have been a Debian user since 2007 (I use it on my own computer and wherever I am allowed to in the university). I have experience in building packages and understand basic concepts of multiarch and building toolchains (including for cross compilation). I have worked most in Python, but also know C and shell scripting..

  • Project title: Multiarch Cross-Toolchains

  • Project details: See http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2012/Projects#Multiarch_Cross-Toolchains

  • Synopsis: The first part of the project is to show that the build mechanism works. The second part is about making sure that the cross-toolchain produced searches the new multiarch library and header paths by default, so that things built with it will build correctly. The final part will be to work out what needs to be done to merge the changes into the main Debian build system, which does not currently cater for these cross-arch dependencies. Having in a cross-toolchain that supports multiarch implementation in the main Debian archive.

  • Benefits to Debian: Having in main Debian archive a cross-toolchain that supports multiarch implementation

  • Deliverables: * Roadmap for further evolution of multiarch in Debian

    • Cross toolchains ready to enter the Debian archive (or already in it)
    • Agreed plan for dropping dpkg-cross
    • Agreed patches for Debian policy on multiarch cross-compilation
  • Project schedule:

  • [March - April 20]

    • [April 24 - July 8]

      • Prepare documents on how to address multiarch toolchains in Debian Policy, propose them for discussion, and try to get agreement on changes
      • Patch build tools to do automated cross-building correctly

      [July 8 - July 14]

      • Prepare for mid-term evaulation deadline
      • attending DebConf12

      [July 14 - August 11]

      • Debug, test and polish the code
      • Write necessary documentation and manual pages
      • Finish packaging, help finalising Debian policy changes, work with package maintainers to get the required changes accepted into the Debian archive

      [August 12 - 19]

      • Submit final evaluation
  • Exams and other commitments:Exams and other commitments: I have no required exams this summer, so intend to concentrate solely on my Summer of Code project. I have no other special obligations or holiday plans.

  • Other summer plans: None.

  • Why Debian?I was part of local team for DebConf11, and as well as adopting a package I have contributed as a translator, held public lectures about Debian. During university terms I haven't had much time to work on Debian, but I now have the whole summer available. What would most interest me is to join the Debian developers and users who are contributing to multiarch support, which is finally becoming a reality in the main Debian archive after many years of planning. I am attracted to Debian by its belief in freedom, the strict Debian Policy and the incredible diverse and vibrant community of developers and users who make Debian what it is. It's more than just an OS!