Content of packages would be analyzed by acquiring keywords from files of the packages and the libraries used(Term extraction algorithm used). A new semantic metadata gathered for every package.

Different packages matched on the basis of gathered metadata and grouped and organized on

Packages matched with the interests of sponsors on the basis of their previous upload history and the sets of tags provided by them.

April 20 - May 10th have exams

May10th -may 21st get familiar with debexpo and gain more information on term extraction.

may 21st to one week before mid of june end complete creating the list of keywords and grouping packages on basis of these keywords.Completing the building of term extraction algorithm.

later half of june devoted to assessment, testing and fixing the bugs.

till july end making the system more efficient by having the interests of sponsors matched with the packages within a group by advanced filter.

August testing the system, making improvements and finally implementing it officially.