Clang support for debian infrastructure.

GSoC 2012 Application. See at melange

I am interested in GNU/Linux internals and system administration and I have knowledge in debian packaging and system internals.

My idea is to focus first on the sbuild part making it to create clang based chroots on the fly and compile anything thats been feed into that chroot(or ability to swap compilers on the buid time to sbuild). This is relativly easy since have given a proof. Doing it right will be the first hurdle. i.e it should be implemented as general as possible for future inclusion of other compilers.

Then I will work on integrating this with autobuilder network, I still have to familiarise with the system since I never used it directly. The work on sbuild should be extended on the buildd network.

And how should a maintainer pass information that his package should use clang? The debian source control using the ?user defined fields is a good place, but other options changing compilers in case of a failure etc should be taken care of.

Also the general system should have a way to switch the default compiler (update-alternatives ?)

Another hurdle is extending dpkg-buildpacakge for building pacakges in the bare system without any fancy things. This tool should be able to do it as isolated as possible. (d-bp --compiler= rather than changing the default compiler)