Repair Boot Loader in Installation CD/DVD

Short Description: Boot Loader Corruption is usually happening on systems with multiple Operating Systems. The aim of this project is to add a section to Installation CD/DVD, so it can be automatically recovered.

Boot Loader Corruption is usually happening on systems with multiple Operating Systems as operating systems may ignore other operating systems on the system, and install their own boot loader. Solving this problem is not really a big issue using a Live Disk, but it wouldn't be easy for beginners who never used Terminal. Having a section in Installation CD/DVD with the name of "Fix Boot Loader" which solves the issue automatically would be really helpful and somehow necessary for beginners and time saving for advanced users.

Real World: I am active in GNU/Linux Forums and IRC Channels and Boot Loader problem is an usual problem there. We usually send them a link of tutorials to fix the boot loader, and it's not always successful. In addition, it's not limited to Debian, and it's what happens for all distros. Having this feature would let us to tell users that download a Debian CD, boot with it and choose "Fix Boot Loader", and we are done.

This feature could be a stand-alone section or as a part of Debian Installer, it should be discussed with the Mentor. The process is as follow: Detect GNU/Linux partitions, mount partitions and chroot to it, re-install the bootloader. As Boot Loader is installed using a boot loader available on the system, we wouldn't have any problem with the version of Grub. Support of Grub Legacy and LILO could be added later, though it may not be necessary at all. There would be, of course, many other details which would happens during project, like how to handle the situation when there are more than one distro installed on the system, which should be discussed with the mentor or in Debian Mailing Lists.

I'm a Computer Science student, I'm using Debian Stable in all my servers and using Debian Testing and Ubuntu at home. I'm programming for years in C++ and many other languages, and eager to learn more. Most of my contributes were to Ubuntu and Gnome projects, and in addition, I am actively helping people in GNU/Linux Forums and IRC Channels.