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  * IRC: '''dodgerblue''' on irc.oftc.net   * IRC: '''dodgerblue''' on OFTC, Freenode

Student Application Template

  • Name: Bogdan Purcăreață

  • Contact/Email:

    • IRC: dodgerblue on OFTC, Freenode

    • bogdan.purcareata AT gmail DOT com
  • Background:

    • senior undergraduate student at Computer Science and Automatic Control Faculty, Politehnica University of Bucharest
    • knowledge in C (8 years), as well as C++, Java and Python

    • knowledge in Algorithm Design, Data Structures and Project Development Workflow

    • knowledge in Compilers, Operating Systems, Networking, Distributed Systems

    • highly dependable and efficiency oriented professional
    • ambitious, focused and enduring individual
    • refactoring, optimizing and unifying the metadata acquire system for APT would significantly improve the whole Debian user experience, as well as improve the Package Management System's consistency. To me, this is both a thrilling challenge and a great opportunity to analyze the Debian OS internals and core features.
  • Project title: Pluggable Acquire-System for APT

  • Project details: TODO

  • Synopsis: TODO

  • Benefits to Debian: TODO

  • Deliverables: TODO

  • Project schedule: TODO

  • Exams and other commitments: TODO

  • Other summer plans: TODO

  • Why Debian?: TODO

  • Are you applying for other projects in SoC? No.