I am in my last year at the University of Technology (IUT) in Belfort (France), I have learned there a lot of languages such as Python, java, c, c++, html/css (trying to use as often as possible the latest versions and including the same feature for old browsers), php, Javascript, sql, Functional test on Java. I will start working on ajax/Jquery soon. I have been acquiring a large part of my knowledge by myself, doing some projects for friends, this include for example Django, Python, html/css, java. I do not have any knowledge on deboostrap, but my philosophy is that learning something new is always a positive challenge and I am not afraid to work on my own. I am currently working on how to make those programs open Sourced. In all my projects I have always tried to make my work as user-friendly as possible without loosing any feature. I have also had to make algorithm lighter and lighter because of the poor quality of these servers I have had to use.

I am curious, thanks mainly to scouting where I am an animator and educator and which requires people to have a lot of ideas. That’s why I can say that I am quite creative and ingenious. I am also serious and committed to my work and I see myself as a very punctual person who cannot stand being late.

I have always looked for a personal Virtual Image of Debian but adding my own package on it, in order to be able to install or run a full equipped Debian anywhere.

Main idea

The first aim of the project is making a web interface to help non programmers make their own virtual Image of Debian for the cloud with their own selected package, this will include user script than can be launched on the first or on all boot. The user may be able to add some data that he or she can find useful for the Image.

The second aim of the project is to create something that is easy and quick to understand , indeed knowing quickly if a package will or will not work with some others without having to read all the documentation seems to me of foremost importance.I also aim at working on an interactive package. Finally after asking the Virtual Image,Python and some scripts will do the work server size as Cron task. Each Virtual Image will have its own ssh key and its own password


Design proposal:

The project will be divided into 3 parts

Personal idea:

Maybe the web part could have two views:

Proposed development method:


Per week I will post at least one article on a blog for the week’s work I will send a mail to the mailing list in the same goal At each hard point or Search work I will post the result and maybe the how-to on the blog I can post the work on progress on twitter or other websites like...

Before summer:

First two weeks:

4 weeks:

1 week:

2 weeks:

1 week:

Last weeks:

After Gsoc:

I have got exams the last week of May and the first of June, before that I will be available for 20h or more per week after that I will be able to work more

Debian is to my mind one of the best systems available, I use it server side, and when I work. I choose Debian because I trust in the future of open sourced and free software, Debian is also a huge part of the Linux world that I would like to help growing, this summer of code can be for me a way to take part in the Debian movement, I find the work done on Debian pretty amazing, it’s uncommon to find an Os as stable as Debian.

points with a question mark mean idea that may be fixed, or deleted, also all the details on the project are the image that I got, there is nothing fix yet I'm available to discuss on each point if needed!