Student Application Template

I'm a computer engineering student from the college of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. I always have been fascinated with the world of programming, and i want to know all about it. I'm very able to learn new things quickly and "the more the better". I can program fluently in C and I learned a lot from Debian during this two last years, in the process of reinstalling and configuring it for several machinesThis is the first time I seriously contributed to free software. I always wanted to start a project like this but I never had the time or my knownledge wasn't enough. Thanks to SoC, I feel ready to start contributing to free software.

Improve debian-installer network setup.

The actual debian installer have it's weakness in the network configuration (In fact it never worked for me). The principal objective of this project is correct the bugs to allow a full automated process during the installation. Also, some new features can be added, like the introduction of IPv6 support, a better user interface and the support of new encryptiption and authentication methods.

Show list of available ESSID and support additional WiFi authentication methods. Add IPv6 support, fix some bug sand upgrade the interface a little for a better experience

A easier installation implies more people using this gnu/linux distribution.

Bugfix of netcfg, patch for the new functionalities and another patch for the new interface.

6th June-13th June: Warm up, information gathering and talk with mentor.

14th June-9th July: In this time i think i will have ready the network part of the proyect (IPv6 support, show available SSIDS and new encryption and authentication methods)

10th July-14th July: Mid-term evaluation

15th July-1st August: I'll fix all the bugs i can in netcfg

2nd August-15th August: In this time i'll do the new interface

16th August-20th August: Write the documentation, publish the code for some polish and finish the project

21th August-24th August: Final evaluation.

I'll be with exams from 25th of may to 6th of June.

I don't have other plans : '(

Because i think Debian has a great community around it and it's the distribution I always recommend to install in a server or a desktop because it's flexibility.