The current Lintian tool and the Harness script are written in Perl and the new Harness tool, that I am proposing will also be developed in Perl. As I have already mentioned, I did 6 months internship last semester at ?NetApp which has given me an excellent practical knowledge and experience with programming in Perl, besides giving me an industry level exposure to QA, which I feel will go a long way in helping me to come up with a test suite for Harness as well as in the development of Harness. Also, my current work on creating a cluster will definitely help me a lot in extending Harness over multiple nodes. Apart from that, I really believe that this project can create significant difference in how things are being done and I will take this chance of contributing something to the Open Source Community very seriously. I am confident that I am both technically and mentally capable for implementing this project.

This project proposes: