This page contains all the student applications, which should follow the template at SummerOfCode/StudentApplicationTemplate. Please copy the source text from there, create a new page (you can do so by directly accessing the URL of the page you intend to create) and then reference it from here by adding a link to your proposal under the appropriate project. Feel free to add another project (your own for example) if it is not in the list.

For your application to be considered by Debian and Google, you must:

  1. Submit and maintain your complete application on this Wiki, and
  2. Create an application on Melange. You are not required to submit your complete application on Melange again -- just add a link there to your application on this Wiki.

If you have any other information that you do not want to share on the Wiki because it will be public, please use your application on Melange for that.

Create Lintian reports frontend

Provide an alternative to libstdc++ with libc++

Improving Debian Team Activity Metrics

clang support for build services

Semantic Package Review Interface for

Package an OpenStack use case

Multiarch Cross-Toolchains

Port bootstrap build-ordering tool

SysV-init file creator from systemd service files

Pluggable acquire-system for APT

Bootstrappable Debian

Improve debian-installer network setup

Virtual Image creation web interface

Other proposals by students