Andrew Edwards

ajed/ajedwards in IRC,,, phone number and Skype name available on request

I'm a software engineering student at Staffordshire University and I have experience with Java and C/C++. I have always wanted to participate in an open source project but have been unsure of how to approach it, I feel that GSOC will be an excellent entry point. I have been a member of my local Linux user group since 2006 and I advocate Debian for its stability and reliability and I have been using it as my server distro since 2004, I would like to take the opportunity to get involved and give something back to the community. For me being part of Google summer of code represents being able to fulfil my dream to be a part of a software project and to have others using my code, and I finally have the time to commit which I did not have before going to university. I realise I may not be as qualified as other applications but I have a determination to learn and excellent academic results (project work available), I can commit to the task and would enjoy the opportunity to become a part of the community and to learn more about Java and the Debian operating system as a whole.

Jigsaw packaging

Jigsaw is a modular JVM and requires testing and packaging for Debian.

Keep Debian up to date with JVMs and allow developers even more choice when writing and producing on Debian systems.

The Java Virtual Machine is a big virtual machine will all the features incorporated in it. This Virtual Machine provides many features which are useful in only limited areas (Corba) or which are not used at all in some contexts (AWT/Swing are useless for a web server). The goal of the jigsaw project is to provide a modular JVM. This will provide many improvements in the performance area (start-up, solving of the dependencies, etc) but also the size of the dependencies. There are already some works done by upstream (Oracle) but it does not complain to the Debian standards. The target is Java 8. The goal for this Google Summer of Code project is to package the current development version of Jigsaw into Debian. Besides packaging, this project will probably implies some developments and contributions to upstream (upstream is aware of this effort).

I will aim to complete the project in 10 weeks so that I can allow spare time for any issues which I may face. Before coding begins I will familiarise myself with Jigsaw and the Debian packaging standards. I will then begin assembling the modules and testing them, patching where necessary and following the Debian standard. I will write up documentation and maintain any bugs with the relevant Debian team. I will maintain a weekly blog of the project movement (updates, progress). I will take advice regarding the timeline of the project from my mentor.

Apart from trying to encourage my girlfriend to eat barbecue every evening (she wont, she never wants bbq!) I have no plans for the summer, I may take a couple of weekends off but I will give due notice (a full week in advance) so that I am not abandoning my mentor/s at short notice. Any weekends off will not interfere with my committed time to the project, I will be spending 5 full days each week working on this (which I am sure will exceed the minimum 40 hrs). I return to university in late September and hope to continue working on my project when I do so.

I have no commitments within the summer and can devote my time to the project thoroughly from the start date.

I am extremely interested in taking on a project in my free time, and I plan on maintaining my work afterwards, including updating documentation. I would like to join the Java team and am prepared to take on another project (package) following this one. I am prepared to get involved in bug fixing within the distro, more specifically in Java applications.