Proposal title

Since the beginning of Java, the JVM is a big virtual machine will all the features incorporated in it. This JVM provides many features which are useful in only limited areas (Corba) or which are not used at all in some contexts (AWT/Swing are useless for a web server).

The goal of the jigsaw project is to provide a modular JVM.

This will provide many improvements in the performance area (startup, solving of the dependencies, etc) but also the size of the dependencies.

There has been some work done by upstream (Oracle) already, but this doesn't meet the Debian standards. The target is Java 8.

The goal of this Google Summer of Code project is to package the current development version of Jigsaw into Debian.

Please note that this project is not only about packaging. This will probably involve some developments and contributions to upstream (upstream is aware of this effort).

Updating javahelper to manage specifics of Jigsaw could be considered.