Also read Google's FAQ:

FAQ for students

I am already a Debian contributor (developer, maintainer, artist, translator, etc), and student, can I apply for the Google Summer of Code in Debian?


What is expected from a Google Summer of Code student in Debian?

You are expected to coordinate with your mentor and write some lines about the status of your project every 2 weeks or so. Google is also expecting you to do two evaluations:

- one mid term evaluation in 11-15 July

- final evaluation 22-26 August

What I should do if my mentor disappears?

You should contact the admins. They will have a way to contact the missing mentors.

Do I need to keep regular business working hours?

No, the student and the mentor can be in different timezones. You will need to agree in common hours to talk.

Can I have other jobs/internships/consulting works?

Usually, the answer is "no". A Summer of Code is time consuming and it would not be sane to manage both jobs.

I must keep working in Debian after the summer?

No. However, it would be nice to stay involved in the project, isn't it?

What is expected by the mentor during the GOSC in term of feedbacks?

We ask students to write a report every two weeks.

FAQ for mentors

What I should do if my student disappears?

The organization is asking for phone contact to the students, in case the student does not answer, we will try to contact her/him.

Other questions

I know of a interesting project for Debian but I can not mentor it, what happens?

Every project needs to have a mentor. Please do not add projects without somebody willing to mentor it in the Debian Wiki. Look at for interested mentors in Debian mailing lists.

Who decides what projects get accepted?

The Debian community evaluates and votes on the proposals. At the end, if needed, a final selection will be performed by the admins.