Application for Google SoC with Debian


Sam Dunne


Private email

College email

On my nick is SCD[Eire]

Mobile number can be supplied on request.


Project title Synopsis:

APT/dpkg: 'declarative diversions' will implement support for declarative diversions in dpkg, to obsolete manual calls to dpkg-divert in maintainer scripts.

Benefits to Debian Deliverables:

The implementation of this project will ensure that dpkg isn't replying on the maintainers scripts when it comes to redirecting and replacing files. This will benefit Debian in two ways. It will ensure that all code is diverted in the same manner. It will mean that maintainers can focus more on the package code rather than attempting to implement diversions.

Project details:

The point on this project is to ensure to automated handling of file redirects when installing packages. This ensures that all redirects are implemented in the corrent manner and that maintainers aren't being replyed on to properly implement the code.

Project schedule:

I am currently laying to ground work to take on this project. I have spent the last two weeks talking to people on IRC and reading the documentation on dpkg. I will continue to familiarise myself with the code and possibly try and solve some bugs until the 3rd of May (Start of college exams). I am finished college for my summer holidays on the 16th of May 2011. On the Google SoC website it states that coding begins on the 23rd of May. I would use the period between these two dates to go over my plan for how I am going to achieve the goal of the project to ensure I haven't missed anything important. I hope to have more than half of the project completed by the halfway date of the 11th of July. This allows me more time to fix any bugs or mistakes by the end.

Other summer plans:

No other summer plans.

Exams and other commitments:

I have no commitments over the summer period (May-September).

If you are not a Debian Developer:

I will hopefully continue to contribute to Debian on dpkg as much as possible.