OpenMoko FreePhone Debian Installer

We have heard about a series of commercial initiatives that depend on Debian to run on mobile devices in one form or another. To this day, there is no support by the Debian Installer for these, and in particular there is such support for the ?OpenMoko ?FreePhone. This is the only device that was designed in a completely transparent process, with all sources open, also for the hardware - with the exception of the GSM parts.

Today, there is a shell script, reasonably referred to as, that is expected to be invoked on the phone itself when it was booted from some readily available non-Debian Linux image with which it is shipped. And it installs Debian to an SD card, from the system can then be booted and which may be used to dd to the phone's internal flash memory.

The situation is far better than for the Hurd as the basic infrastructure is already available. The student is expected to buy a FreeRunner if not owning one already (200+ Euro and less on eBay). The basic task is to do with the Debian-Installer what the script can do already. It would be nice if the same could be achieved in some virtual environment, such that the SD could be prepared even while running on the local desktop without the otherwise needed USB link to the device. All the pieces to the puzzle are available, now we need an exceptionally good and enduring plumber.

Please contact us on before applying.