Hurd Debian Installer

The primary means of distributing the Hurd is through Debian GNU/Hurd. However, the installation CDs presently use an ancient, non-native installer. The situation could be much improved by making sure that the newer Debian Installer works on the Hurd.

Some preliminary work has been done, see

The ideal goal would be to have the Debian Installer fully working on the Hurd, but of course the project will be considered successful if significant progress has been made :) . It requires relatively little Hurd-specific knowledge.

A lot of the "non-Linux support" part of the project has already been done thanks to the previous kFreeBSD debian-installer GSoC, so at least no ground reason should bar the project. A lot of the required udebs are already in Debian or are pending upload, so that building an image and booting it does already work. A preliminary list of what remains is

As a starting point to get a grasp at how the debian installer is built, students might wish to look at the current Debian installer source and build process on Linux:

The same can be done on hurd-i386 but a few non-uploaded packages are needed, see

Possible mentors: Samuel Thibault (youpi)

Exercise: Fix a couple of hurd issues in busybox (note the (very) crude patch on to get it building)

Please contact us on before applying.