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Debbugs Read/Write Soap Interface


What about XML-RPC?

Maybe it's worth to evaluate the option to use XML-RPC instead of SOAP. It's SOAP's little sister, much cleaner and easier to grasp and probably much easier to implement on the server- and client side. I've written python-debianbts which is a SOAP client for Debian's BTS and it was a bit of a pain to write mainly because of the complicated structure of the datatypes SOAP provides. From my experience with debbugs' SOAP interface I think it might be possible to use XML-RPC instead.

-- ?BastianVenthur

Why not, but as there's already a SOAP interface for RO operations, completing it for RW makes probably more sense. -- OlivierBerger

What about synchronous/asynchronous operation

The debbugs interface for creating/modifying bugs is mainly asynchronous (queued emails incoming whose contents is parsed).

Such an API would be great if it was synchronous, but it seems it's not likely to be implementable unless debbugs gets a major rewrite (to be confirmed)... so an asynchronous API would probably be the way to go... but then is it really helpful ? What may be the consequences on the clients ?

Hope this leads to interesting issues and developments. -- OlivierBerger