Jishnu Mohan


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I am 20 year old, currently doing my 3rd year engineering in Information Technology at MES College of Engineering, Kerala, India under University of Calicut. I am an active Free Software Community member, attended many national and international level free software conferences and meetings (in India). Initiated some workshops and managed stalls for some of those conferences. Me and my friend took the first ever complete Blender workshop ( in Kerala, India ( News -

I have also created a website ( aimed at helping beginers to easily understand C programming and Shell Scripting, which is quiet success, considering many good responses I received.

I have been using debian GNU/Linux for last 1 year, before that I was using some other distributions. Last year I got a chance to listen to RMS and it inspired me to move to Free Software.

One of my hobbies is designing (Poster, Web, Banner, Wallpaper etc). I have done lots of designing works for my of my college festivals (events).

Programming Skills

C C++ Shell Scripting

Project Title

Cross-build Debian Installer


Building process of debian installer currently does not support the cross building. Normally when compiling debian installer we get the binary for the same architecture we use. By cross compiling we will get the binary for a different architecture. So my goal is to build debian installer for various platforms from a different platform.

Benefits to Debian

If we able to cross compile the debian installer, developers need not wait to get access to target machine. He/she can build it in his/her own system which is running in another architecture.

Debian installer for slower architectures can be built using faster desktop machines

Project Details

To cross build debian installer we need a cross compiler. Normal compilation generates the binary code for the architecture of the system we used.

The source of the dependent packages should be also needed to alter as the target architecture varies.

Components of the debian installer is written in shell scripting and c. So it must be changed as to the cross compiler to be used. provides some cross compiling tools, I think those will be helpful for this project.

Project Schedule

Week 1-2 - Study debian installer, setup cross building environment.

Week 3 - Refine proposal based on learning and mentor suggestions

Week 4 - 6 - Start fixing cross build issues

Week 7-10 - Additional Coding.

Week 11-12 - Bug fixing and documentation.


If i attend the annual debian developers meet it will be my dream come true. I will surely attend if I get sponsorship.

Other Summer Plans

I dont have any other plan in my mind but to add c++, python programs to my website. I expect I ll be able to work full time for the complete duration of the GSoC program.

Exams and Other Commitments

University lab exams are scheduled for mid-April. I will be free after that.