Name :Arvind Khadri

Contact/Email: , arvind_khadri (

Background: I am pursuing my final year of engineering in Computer Science. I have a clear understanding of C,C++ .I also have a pretty good understanding of bash. I am currently contributing to a project named Brownhat . I am very interested in contributing to the Debian community and am interested to learn new things.

Project title : Crossbuild Debian Installer.

Synopsis: This project deals with being able to build the debian-installer for various platforms from a different platform.

Benefits to Debian : An installer which can cross build.

Deliverables: Debian-installer with the ability to cross build.

Project details: As of now debian-installer has to be built natively on a platform to work for it on that platform.This is quite a overhead and very tedious when we talk of embedded system.At the end of the project we would have debian-installer with the ability to cross-build.

Project schedule: It may take 4 months to finish. Am eager to work as soon as possible.

Travel: No.

Other summer plans: Nill.

Exams and other commitments: I would be having my semester exams in the month of May.

If you are a Debian Developer: Am not a Debian developer

If you are not a Debian Developer: Yes, I want to keep contributing to the Debian community always.