This page is merely a copy of the proposal hosted at the GSoC website

I'm a first year student at the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University, I use Debian on my main computer (testing/unstable/experimental with appropriate apt-pinning), my personal server (Lenny release), and on my FreeRunner (on which I have installed SHR-u on the NAND, and Debian on a µSD card).

I have skills in C and Python, and I have experience in contributing FLOSS projects (and managing smaller-sized ones too).

I have also packaged a package (bluemindo) for Debian.

To the user, the installation process would be to put a uImage in the FR's RAM through dfu-util, boot from it, and connect to the device using SSH through USB networking.

This would provide an easy (those steps could be automated by a script) way of running d-i on the FR without writing anything on the NAND or on the µSD card (before the installation itself).

Here is a quick time plan:

I can more or less start the work now, and I'll be in less than two months, so...